Unrivalled broad-spectrum disease control

Raising the bar on disease control. iblon®, a new SDHI fungicide from Bayer, delivers unrivalled broad-spectrum control of Septoria, yellow rust and brown rust, proven to deliver yield benefits through extended crop greening and is crop and equipment safe thanks to the outstanding Leafshield formulation.

iblon the active in the commercially available product Vimoy® in combination with Proline® delivers unrivalled broad-spectrum disease control while supporting yield accumulation through extended crop greening.

Charts showing effectiveness of Vimoy Proline 275 against different diseases. Good protection against Fusarium & Mildew. Very protection against Eyespot & Septoria. Excellent protection against Brown rust & Yellow rust as well as offering Greening benefits


  • Unrivalled broad-spectrum disease control – iblon delivers unrivalled fungicidal activity against the main foliar diseases of wheat to give growers complete confidence that they are achieving the best possible protection.
  • Yield boosting benefits in addition to disease control – iblon has been shown to deliver green leaf retention above that of Ascra® Xpro®, even in low disease pressure situations.
  • Outstanding leafshield formulation – iblon is delivered through the outstanding Leafshield formulation – used with Bayer’s Xpro range of fungicides – to ensure high-level efficacy without compromising crop or equipment safety.

"iblon brings another frontline piece of chemistry to the fungicide armoury that we can utilise in disease control strategies. Its authorisation will help us maintain efficacy and provide additional protection to all our chemistry options"

Patrick Stephenson
AICC committee member

Photo showing Patrick Stephenson standing in a field

“iblon delivers useful broad-spectrum activity,”

Aoife O’Driscoll, NIAB

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Unrivalled broad-spectrum disease control

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Ascra® Xpro® contains bixafen, fluopyram and prothioconazole. Proline® 275 contains prothioconazole. Vimoy® (iblon®) contains isoflucypram, Vimoy®, iblon®, Proline®, Ascra® and Xpro® are Trade Marks of Bayer. All other brands listed may be Trade Marks of other manufacturers in which proprietary rights may exist. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Pay attention to the risk indications and follow the safety precautions on the label. © Bayer CropScience Limited 2024.