iblon® should be used as part of a wider IPM programme

Bayer strongly encourages growers and agronomists to use iblon as part of an IPM strategy. A good disease management programme starts with variety selection and drilling date. Inclement weather in the early season often serves to conspire against growers. Staying on top of disease, particularly Septoria can be challenging. For this reason, it is important to consider iblon as part of a suitably constructed disease management programme that incorporates multiple modes of action to avoid over reliance on any one application, product or active substance.

Best practice guidelines limit the application of SDHI-based fungicides to two per crop per season. Vimoy® can be applied once per crop and no more than 75g active substance/ha (equivalent to a product rate of 1.5 L/ha) is to be applied every two years.

Application guidelines

By following the application guidelines outlined by the Fungicide Resistance Action Group (FRAG) for the UK, growers can protect the efficacy of fungicides for future seasons. For iblon, this means always applying in a mix with a suitable partner belonging to a different mode of action group and at an inclusion rate that is appropriate for the situation.


For all fungicides, including iblon, the following recommendations apply:

  • Avoid reduced rate or split application programmes.
  • Fungicides should be applied preventatively or as early as possible in the disease lifecycle. Do not rely solely on the curative potential of fungicides.
  • A fungicide programme should incorporate multiple means of control, including:
    • Fungicides belonging to different modes of action, for example, triazoles, QiIs and those with multisite activity.
    • Varietal resistance
    • Cultural measures, such as extended rotations, effective trash management and drilling date that is appropriate for the variety.

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In-season use

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